"Agro Masters" plebiscite

“AGRO MASTERS” is a plebiscite organized by the AGRO ZONE, the finale of which will be held during the Central Agricultural Fair.

In the “AGRO MASTERS” plebiscite, prizes will be awarded in the following categories: Farmer of the Year, Housewife of the Year, Farmer’s Wives’ Association of the Year and Agritourism Farm of the Year. Residents of all Poland will also choose the Village Head of the Year and the Village of the Year.

The voting will be conducted simultaneously in all voivodeships in Poland, and the winners will be awarded at each level – county, voivodeship and national. The winners from the provincial stages in each category, apart from titles and prizes, will be promoted to the national finals, in which they will fight for victory in Poland and financial prizes. The official awarding of national awards will take place during the Central Agricultural Fair.

Patrons and partners of the plebiscite

AGRO MASTERS plebiscite is organized by the national service and magazine for farmers “Strefa Agro” and by regional dailies published in every voivodeship in Poland. The national patrons of the AGRO MASTERS plebiscite are:

Adam Nowak – President of the National Board of the Rural Youth Union
Wiktor Szmulewicz – President of the National Council of Agricultural Chambers