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Taking into consideration the possibilities of utilization of the Polish government’s loans, European Union’s Emergency Trust Fund for Africa and other Financial Support Programs developed by the international organizations, we would like to invite you as a foreign entrepreneur who is interested in establishing trade or/and investments, joint-venture cooperation with the Polish producers of agriculture equipment, tractors, fertilizers, storage equipment to participate in the second edition of the International Central Agriculture Fair, that will take place from 30th November to 2nd 2017 in the Ptak Warsaw Expo.

For all our foreign visitors we organize tailored B2B meetings with individual exhibitors and institutions responsible for distributions of grants for international business cooperation.

Central Agricultural Fair – CAF 2017 organized under the patronage of the Polish Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development and Ministry of Development is a platform of meetings where Polish entrepreneurs of broadly understood agricultural and food production industry, including food manufacturers present to domestic and foreign partners their achievements and possibilities of trade and investment cooperation.

Under CAF 2017 you will find six main sections of exhibitions:

The Salon of Agricultural Machinery – with the latest machinery and equipment used in agriculture, horticulture, animal breeding and crop production, such as tractors, combines, plows, seeders, fertilizer spreaders, field and orchard sprayers, utility services machines, shredders, foragers, manure spreaders, bale wrappers, forage harvesters and presses, the equipment for sheds and piggeries.

The Salon of Means of Agricultural Production – means of agricultural production, such as fertilizers, pesticides, feed and certified seed materials.

The Fair of Good Food – organized in cooperation with the leading organizations and self-administration authorities of farmers and individual entrepreneurs, a section of the key food export specialities including the sectors of dairy, fruit and vegetables, mushrooms, pork, beef, poultry.

The Salon of Specialized Services and Agrobusiness Support – specialized financing and investment instruments, such as the offers of the state administration financial support for activities related to the development of agricultural production, processing and trade activities, including export instruments and offers of financing the activities of agribusiness institutions.

The Section of Agricultural Innovations – innovative technologies, products and solutions for the agricultural and food sector in a broad sense, in this section the cooperation offers will be presented by research institutions and establishments offering financial support instruments for the development of innovative business enterprises in the agricultural and food industry.

Animal Display – presenting a variety of animal species and birds bred in Poland. The centres of breeding animals and genetic material development will also demonstrate their offers in this section.

In cooperation with our honorary patrons and partners, we organise numerous conferences and panel discussions dedicated to developing foreign cooperation with Polish entrepreneurs and innovative activities in agricultural and food production sector.

If you are looking for reliable partners for cooperation, financial support for developing international relations, please fulfil the enclosed participation form and contact us.

For more information see the website of the CAF 2017: or contact directly our Team:


Agnieszka Rembisz – Director of the International Fairs
mobile: + 48 513 027 807 e-mail:


Anna Pieniążek – Manager,

mobile: +48 504 823 598, email:

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