Central Agricultural Fair 2017 will also include an exhibition titled “Innovation for agriculture”.

The aim of this exhibition is to allow farmers and producers to get acquainted with innovative techniques and technologies available for both agriculture and food industries along with directions for their future development. The exhibition will be organized by: Ptak Warsaw Expo and Agricultural Advisory Centre in Brwinów.

The exhibition area is available to entities and institutions that wish to present their innovative solutions in the field of agriculture and agri-food processing:

  • Science and research units working for agriculture, including:
  • ministerial institutes, institutes of Polish Academy of Sciences, universities
  • agricultural advisory centres
  • Academic technology transfer centres
  • Spin-off and spin-out university units
  • Industrial clusters that conduct innovative activities
  • Natural persons who work as individual inventors
  • Companies interested in presenting innovative solutions that purchased an exhibition stand outside the Exhibition
  • Manufacturers and importers that present either product and service novelties for the Polish market

At the exhibition, Exhibitors will have the opportunity to present only one specific innovative solution – either one selected innovation or innovative solution that can include: a model of a machine or its element, new technology, innovative production input, computer program, service/program to support the production process or management over the process. During the exhibition, special focus will be put on solutions that to contribute to environment protection. Information about the company’s operations in the form of leaflets, photos, folders can serve as the complementary element for the exhibition while the scope of activities conducted by the unit or the entity can comprise only the background of the whole exhibition.

Application form

Exhibitors will be provided with exhibition space free of charge provided that they pay the registration fee for participating in CTR 2017. This is unequivocal with obtaining the status of Exhibitor along with all specific rights and obligations that result from participation in the Fair (Enrolling for participation on the standard application form from the organizer). Applications will be assessed by experts who comprise the organizational and scientific committee for CTR.


Contact: Mrs Anna Pieniążek: a.pieniazek@warsawexpo.eu tel. tel. +48 504 823 598

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